Virtual IPES

Virtual IPES facilitates online workshops that allow in-depth discussions of working papers in IPE. In each workshop, author(s) and several tailored discussants from the community of IPE scholars spend 60-75 minutes on a single paper. We thank members of the IPES community for serving in discussant roles. Workshops are recorded and archived here, available for public viewing. Please also contact us if you would prefer to participate in real-time; all are welcome.

Virtual IPES issues a call for papers in July and again in January. We particularly encourage submissions from graduate students and early-career scholars. Submissions are full papers. We aim to schedule four workshops per semester. 

  Virtual IPES Committee:

  • Michael Aklin, University of Pittsburgh
  • Sarah Bauerle Danzman, Indiana University
  • Simone Dietrich, University of Geneva
  • Nikhar Gaikwad, Columbia University

Virtual IPES recognizes Will H. Moore whose own endeavors inspired this workshop. We strive to emulate his commitment to inclusiveness, community, and high quality research. Our thanks to Cristina Bodea and Raymond Hicks for founding Virtual IPES, and to Leo Baccini, James Morrison, Rachel Wellhausen, and Meredith Wilf for previously serving on the Virtual IPES Committee.

For Virtual IPES questions, email


Fall 2018 Schedule

October 5 

Lauren PeritzUniversity of California, Davis

Adrienne HosekUniversity of California, Davis

"Legislating Globalization: Trade, Immigration, and Political Polarization"


  • Margaret Peters, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Stephanie Rickard, London School of Economics
  • Adrian Shin, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Stephen Weymouth, Georgetown University


  • Leo Baccini, McGill University


November 16

Jiyeon Park, Georgetown University

"President's Persuasive Power on International Trade Agreement” 


  • Diana Mutz, University of Pennsylvania
  • Iain Osgood, University of Michigan
  • Ryan Powers, NUniversity of Georgia


  • Meredith Wilf, University of Pittsburgh


November 30

Oksana Levkovych, London School of Economics

"Imperial Preference (1932): Britain's Return to Protectionism” 


  • Adam Dean, George Washington University
  • Erica Owen, University of Pittsburgh
  • Justin Davis, University of Pennsylvania


  • Nikhar Gaikwad, Yale University


December 7

Gabriella Lloyd, University of Maryland

Thomas Flores, George Mason University

Irfan Nooroodin, Georgetown University

“Who’s the Boss? Political Leadership and Sovereign Debt Ratings”


  • Mike Horowitz, University of Pennsylvania
  • Stephen Kaplan, George Washington University
  • Daniel Krcmaric, Northwestern University


  • Simone Dietrich, University of Geneva, Switzerland